Rabbids have quietly invaded Rainbow Six Siege

Instead of a rabbit delivering easter eggs, an easter egg has delivered Rabbids

It’s tough to imagine Ubisoft’s Rabbids doing anything quietly – their whole thing is obnoxious loudness, after all – but they have managed to silently creep into Rainbow Six Siege in a well-hidden easter egg. The Outback map plays host to a tiny family of two-dimensional lagomorphs – please, keep whatever jokes you have about dangerous Australian wildlife to yourself for now.

The Rabbids are painted on the inside of a hollow log past the edge of the map, near the road. Fire a couple of shots toward that log and it’ll break apart, revealing the Rabbids inside – but you’ll probably need a scope to actually see them in detail. Sadly (or perhaps happily), they don’t scream when they’re uncovered – though when the official Siege account tweeted one player’s discovery, Ubisoft did add the familiar ‘bwah.’

I think it’s time for Siege to invest more heavily in the idea of Ubisoft crossovers. We’ve already got bits of Assassin’s Creed there, so let’s get Rabbid weapon charms and Just Dance emotes. Heck, let’s add Rayman as an operator – he wouldn’t even need an a gadget, since the hitbox advantage from his missing arms and legs would be bonus enough.

For now, we’ll have to make due with the little Rabbid cameo.

You can see in more detail how to find the Rabbid hole thanks to MrManateee111 on Reddit.

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As we await the rollout of the rest of the Year 4 operators and roadmap, it’s a relatively quiet time for Siege fans. But given how the game’s additions usually rollout, we’re probably no more than a hair’s breadth away from some leak or other blowing out the next big update.