Michael B. Jordan will star in a Rainbow Six movie

A Rainbow Six movie is on the way, starring Michael B. Jordan as John Clark

A movie based on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is coming, and it will feature Michael B. Jordan in the starring role. The film’s coming courtesy of Paramount Pictures, and will be produced by Akiva Goldsman alongside Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec, and Jordan himself.

We’ll need to doubly emphasize the “Tom Clancy’s” part of the title here, because this film is indeed based on the 1998 novel. Jordan will play the book’s protagonist, John Clark, in two separate movies. The first is an adaptation of Without Remorse, Clark’s origin story, and the second will pick up Rainbow Six – the novel that spawned one of the most prolific series in games.

This report comes courtesy of Variety, following up on news last year that Paramount had picked up the rights to the adaptation. Deadline reported early rumours that Ryan Reynolds was in talks for the role of Clark, but it seems those didn’t pan out.

Tom Clancy passed away several years ago, but that hasn’t stopped an endless sea of Tom Clancy videogames from being released in the meantime – you can follow that link for a breakdown of how that all happened.

Rainbow Six has been the longest-running and most prolific of the Tom Clancy’s line – the first game was in development as the original novel was still being written, and both were released in 1998. Developer Red Storm Entertainment was co-founded by Clancy himself, so the connection between the book and the game is more than tangential.

Still, don’t expect any Rainbow Six Siege operators to be making cameos – though given the game’s popularity, you never know. But if you’re a fan of the old Rainbow Six games, you’re likely to see more than a few familiar things once the film hits the big screen.