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Rainbow Six Siege’s Y4S1 patch will remove Ash’s ACOG

Ubisoft details all the big changes coming alongside Burnt Horizon

Rainbow Six Ash

Ubisoft has shared details on what’s going to be different for existing Rainbow Six Siege operators in Burnt Horizon, and some of those changes are substantial. Biggest of all is an Ash nerf, which will remove the ACOG scope from the R4-C, but there’s plenty more – including the fact that we’ll get more info on the Lion rework at the Six Invitational.

“Within the balancing team,” Ubisoft says on the official site, “we are challenging whether or not all Attackers have ACOGs by default, and feel as if Ash is a great place to learn what impact the removal of Attacking ACOGs will have. Also, her R4-C is currently picked 99% of the time, and this should help balance her weapon pick rate a bit more.”

Dokkaebi’s getting nerfed too, as her phone calls will now automatically hang up after 18 seconds. Mute jammers will prevent the calls, and walking into range of those jammers will similarly hang up a call mid-ring. Meanwhile, Maverick’s getting increased swap time between the torch and his weapons, and while Capitao’s area of effect size on asphyxiating bolts is getting increased, it’s dropping from 19 damage per tick to 12.

Additionally, shield operators are getting rebalanced with slower ADS while shields are equipped, in an effort to take the emphasis off of gun fights and onto smarter team play. Changes are coming for Glaz as well, though details are vague for now. Ubisoft says “We want to bring Glaz back to the original intention of being able to hold an angle or corridor and lock it down without becoming a very strong entry fragger.”

Those changes are all planned to go into effect as part of the Y4S1 patch on the Burnt Horizon release date.

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We’ll find out plenty more as the Year 4 roadmap gets laid out by Ubisoft this weekend. Burnt Horizon will certainly be the biggest focus there, but we’re set to get lots of info on what’s coming throughout the year.

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