Rainbow Six Siege beta dates revealed in live-action video, Stringer Bell storms a house


Idris Elba’s voice is a wonderful force for good. Don’t believe me? Clap your ears around this new live-action video for Rainbow Six Siege. It may be the most incompetent home invasion since Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern got their criminal keesters kicked in Home Alone, but at least it features Stringer Bell playing a piano in a room filled with gunfire.

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I’m guessing that video, which acts as the worst primer possible for Rainbow Six’s deeply tactical action, cost a lot of money to make. It wasn’t a complete waste, though, because now we know the game’s beta starts on November 25th and runs until November 29th – it’s also open and free to everyone. The full game launches on December 1st after missing its original October release date.

Sadly, Rainbow Six Siege does not star Idris Elba. It does, however, feature Angela Bassett and a dude called Patrick Mölleken. Also, how bad is the rescue attempt in the video? Not only does the hostage’s family picture get obliterated, but that over enthused Rainbow member is clearly going to land directly on top of the poor fellow’s head. For shame.

In case you missed it, Ubisoft recently revealed their Rainbow Six Siege DLC plans for the next year. Your change purse will be relieved to know they’re actually pretty generous.