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Rainbow Six Siege beta extended once more; down some tangos of a weekend for double XP

Rainbow Six Siege beta

Life is better when you’re in a beta. That’s what Matt, Ben and Phil agreed when writing up their Rainbow Six: Siege beta impressions, and it’s the mantra Ubisoft seem to have embraced this week. After extending their invite-only Rainbow Six: Siege testing period to accommodate players who’d struggled with connection issues, they’re doing the same again. Rather than board up the beta today as originally planned, they’ve pushed back closing time til the end of the weekend - Sunday October 4th.

“Not only will this give you all more time play,” reason Ubisoft, “it will give us more time to collect more data, feedback and identify potential issues.”

Beginning today, they’ll send emails to every American and European beta player who played at least one match before Tuesday, 2pm EST. They’ll contain access codes to disseminate among friends and fellow SWAT enthusiasts - just in time for the double renown event starting tomorrow at 8pm EST.

“This is one of the largest betas that Ubisoft has ever done,” say the publishers. “Needless to say, we’ve learned a lot since last Thursday.”

The dev team have pushed out several updates to ease issues in the short term, and locked sights on the elements in need of “long-term improvement” - namely dedicated servers and matchmaking. You can now expect to wait around 30 to 45 seconds for a game, but Ubi want to do better. They can’t take too long about it, though: launch is now set for December 1st after a two-month-long Rainbow Six: Siege delay.

Like their body-armoured heroes, Ubi seem keen to keep up communication. What do you make of their efforts thus far?

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Masa IV avatar
Masa IV Avatar
2 Years ago

Beware, Steam won't let me cancel my pre-order because I sent one of the free Beta keys to a friend. Well played, Ubisoft. And way to go Valve, now I won't be able to preorder anything ever again.

And what is the point of double-XP right before the end of the beta, when they are wiping all progress? Is it so you can possibly unlock all of the characters so that you've got a chance to play as something other than "recruit" with no armor (since your first, second, third, and fourth choices were taken by your teammates)?

I wouldn't be so pissed if I could get the $60 dollars back I spent on pre-ordering a game that it turns out is only worth about $20.