Blackbeard dresses down in Rainbow Six Siege’s latest elite skin


The Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account has given us a look at the game’s latest elite skin: a jeans-and-camo combo for SEAL operator Blackbeard. You’ll be able to buy it on June 13.

We reckon Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best shooters on PC.

Rainbow Six Siege’s elite skins don’t just reskin the operator, but also their weapons and gadgets. They also have their own operator card, charm, and victory emote, which you can see in the tweet above. We’ve only seen one per season so far, so they’re still a bit of an event. The new Blackbeard skin will cost you 1,800 R6 credits, or 1,620 if you own the year two season pass.

The Rainbow Six team are clear that everything about the new skin is solely cosmetic:

After a delay due to a recent server crisis, Siege’s technical overhaul (‘Operation Health’) is underway with update 2.2.1.