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Blackbeard nerfed, Twitch and Doc buffed in game-changing Rainbow Six: Siege patch

Rainbow Six Siege patch

Rainbow Six: Siege’s Mid-Season Reinforcements patch aims to shake up the game in a big way, adding in new tactics for operatives across the board, as well as nerfing a favourite and buffing a couple of operatives who need a leg-up.

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The first buff is for Twitch, who now starts the match with two shock drones instead of normal drones. Not only that, but these have been given a speed boost, making them match the pace of normal drones, and they now move more quietly, shock at a greater distance and no longer have a red light atop them, begging to be shot.

Doc has also been buffed and can now heal himself, as well as overhealing teammates for a limited time. Hitting a fully healed or only partially damaged teammate will boost them to 120HP, which slowly ticks down, making him a more varied support character.

On the nerfing side, Blackbeard’s all on his own. This guy’s rifle shield basically made him an unstoppable tank, so the HP of the shields has been reduced, from 800HP to 150HP. He now has two of them, however, and he can switch between them at will. He can also see the shield’s durability on the UI.

There are also some new gadgets thrown into the mix. Certain attackers will now get access to claymore mines, allowing them to cover an advance, or keep their back guarded when sniping or using a drone.

Some defenders get an impact grenade, used to create holes in the environment, either to expose an enemy or escape a compromised room.

There are also some new attachments, as well as some general tweaks and improvements, with weapon balancing a big focus. Check out the notes in full over on Ubisoft’s official post.

The changes should go live tomorrow.