Blackbeard and IQ nerfs feature in the latest Rainbow Six Siege TTS patch


A brand new set of changes have turned up on the Rainbow Six Siege test server. The changes, which will be the second suite of tweaks included as part of Operation Para Bellum, are due to go live on the game’s Technical Test Server (TTS) later today.

The changes seem to be primarily focused on quality of life for a small handful of operators. The recoil patterns of the K1A1 and M249 weapons have been changed slightly, and there are only three bug fixes included as part of the patch.

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The changes themselves see several operators swap around their grenades. Finka will now carry frag grenades rather than stuns. IQ, on the other hand, sees their frag grenades replaced by claymore. To round out an oddly-satisfying trilogy of changes, Dokkaebi will now carry stun grenades instead of claymores. A second change to Finka sees the damage taken when she and her allies interact with Smoke’s grenades drop slightly.

Another major changes affects IQ (again). Her electronic detector range has been decreased, dropping to 15 metres rather than 20. The final balance change is to Blackbeard. His shield has been nerfed, and now has 50 HP. There has also been a slight boost to movement while using shields – now you’ll only be slowed by 30%.

That final change is a slightly odd choice, as Blackbeard was thought to be in a pretty good spot by the community. To help you stay up to date, you can check out the changes on Reddit, as well as taking a look at our guide to Operation Para Bellum. That said, there’ll be a brand new expansion next month, introducing a new British and American operator. Ubisoft hasn’t revealed anything about the new expansion yet, but watch this space for more information as soon as we have it.