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Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Danish operator can ‘blend and adapt into environment’

Ubisoft teases abilities for Siege's next operator

Rainbow Six Siege year 4 roadmap

Rainbow Six Siege players have been pulling apart a recent cinematic trailer for clues toward the game’s upcoming updates, and a newly discovered detail seems to tell us what to expect from the upcoming Danish operator. In short, it’s stealth – the phrasing suggests a sort environmental blending ability that could mean a sort of optic camouflage. At the very least, it means some sneakiness.

The details come from the Hammer and the Scalpel video, during the scene at the end with a giant message board detailing all sorts of potential Siege operators. A higher res version of the image surfaced on the official site, which gave the Siege community – including YouTuber coreross – a much better way to dig in.

One note, stuck over a map of Denmark, denotes an operator who is an “expert in covert reconnaissance and stealth tactics,” and has the “ability to blend and adapt into environment.” That’s stuck to the attacker’s side of the board, so we know what role this new Siege operator will fill. Ubisoft confirmed that Year 4 operators would lead off with the Danish op, and it seems the studio has provided a bit of extra detail here for a fresh hint.

We got a full unveiling of the Year 4 roadmap as part of the Six Invitational, so we’ve got hints about what to expect throughout the year – hints that’ll surely continue with each new update.

We spoke with game director Leroy Athanasoff at the event, and you’ll find plenty more insight on what’s coming in our Year 4 interview.

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