Rainbow Six Siege’s new map has a Dark Souls bonfire

Dark Souls Remastered release time

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Wind Bastion comes with a new map called Fortress – it’s a fortified Moroccan kasbah full of unique architecture and decoration. But it also holds a wry nod to Dark Souls – from the right angle, you can spot a kindled bonfire.

Redditor NikoLetsGoBwlin posted a video of the Easter Egg in Fortress to the Rainbow Six subreddit Wednesday. In Fortress, you can find a cooking fire deep in the building. Nothing looks out of place when you look at it from the outside – just a fire burning behind an arch-shaped opening in an alcove.

However, if you toss a drone at the pile of bricks underneath the shelf the fire sits on, you’ll find it can travel behind the fire and hop up to look back out – and if you do, you’ll see a distinctive twisted sword that’s been plunged into the embers.

While it’s not quite identical, it’s very clearly a reference to the coiled greatsword (or massive poker) found in the bonfires that are littered through all of the Dark Souls games.

Here’s the clip Niko uploaded:

Operation: Dark Souls from r/Rainbow6

Niko added the ‘Bonfire Lit’ text to the scene to help drive the point home (as it were), but the reference is pretty clear without it – turns out, Siege’s developers like Dark Souls, too.

Interestingly, Dark Souls’ own use of the sword-in-the-bonfire imagery is a reference itself – Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki often cites legendary Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa as a major influence, and the image appears in his 1954 epic Seven Samurai.