Rainbow Six: Siege dev diary explores the spirit of competition

Rainbow Six Siege release date

From the day Rainbow Six: Siege was announced, it was clear that it was no longer a AI team-based slow strategic FPS, but a fast, highly competitive multiplayer game with added crumbling plasterboard. The focus on competition wasn’t the original intention, explains Ubisoft’s new dev diary, but in-studio testing tournaments soon revealed that competitiveness led to great results. And so the spectator cam was born.

I think it’s obvious that with its in-depth spectator mode, Rainbow Six: Siege is going to make interesting waves in the streaming world. It’s surely destined to be in the top slots over at Twitch, with a shoutcasting community and an audience tuning in for the tense thrills of destroying a house in search of a hostage.

Rainbow Six: Siege releases this autumn. Our Fraser played it during its alpha period and found it a brilliant concept, that we can only hope is fleshed out into a marvellous shooter by release.