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Here are the best plays from Rainbow Six Siege ESL Premiership week 3

Check out the 5 best plays in Rainbow Six Siege from week 3 of the ESL Premiership Winter Season

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Competitive Rainbow Six Siege action continues to heat up in week 3 of the ESL Premiership Winter Season, and once again we’ve got a selection of the very best plays for you to watch again and again. The top five bits of gamesmanship this week feature the best players from MNM Gaming UK, Guidance Gaming, and Unnamed – you can see all the action in the video below.

You’ll see CTZN of MNM pull off a near-instantaneous flick headshot to shut things down against Guidance Gaming, and FRA0 manages a similarly impressive wallbang later in the series to secure a victory. Vex of Guidance ensured things weren’t too one-sided, though, managing three successive kills to get to the defuser.

For Unnamed, Mac and Meadzzz perfectly execute a room clear to take a 3v4 situation to 3v1. Unnamed also has a star in M4dman, who aced the competition by taking down every single one of the five players on Horizon Union. Naturally, M4dman’s ace tops our our list of the biggest plays this week.

You can see them all for yourself below, but don’t miss the highlights from week 1 and week 2, either.

Stay tuned for more of the hottest siege action in the weeks to come as we continue to pull together the greatest highlights.