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Here are the best plays from Rainbow Six Siege ESL Premiership week 6

The hottest plays from this week's Siege ESL Premiership games

Rainbow Six Siege Caveira

Competitive Rainbow Six Siege action is hotter than ever now that we’re in week 6 of the ESL Premiership Winter Season, and once again, we’ve got a selection of the very best plays for you to watch. The top five showcases of gamesmanship this week feature the best players from Vexed.Ebuyer, Team Secret, Unnamed, and MNM Gaming showcasing their abilities.

Our first pick sees Dearly of Vexed find an angle to hold back the defending Team Secret from victory in the final seconds of the match. Team Secret’s Elemzje takes things back in our second clip with an incredible round-closing react. Secret grabs an incredible quick round with an impressive strat that easily takes down Vexed.

For Unnamed, TankNinjaz manages to extricate himself from a 4v1 situation and even out the round against Guidance Gaming. But our top clip this week brings us a proper ace courtesy of CTZN for MNM Gaming. CTZN manages to calmly take down every single member of Horizon Union to claim a basically single-handed victory for MNM Gaming. Impressive stuff all around.

You can see them all for yourself in the video below, but don’t miss the highlights from week 1week 2week 3, week 4, and week 5 either.

Stay tuned for more of the hottest siege action in the weeks to come as we continue to pull together the greatest highlights.