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Rainbow Six Siege expansion delayed to February 2


Now I ain’t no counter-terrorist operator, but I’ve played enough Rainbow Six games over the years – not least the latest environment-thrashing, co-op-reliant endeavour – to know that a siege is best executed quickly, decisively and with precision and conviction. 

Sadly, the first map and Operator DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege, named Black Ice, must’ve missed the memo that was stuck to the mess hall fridge door as it’s been delayed until February 2 for season pass holders and February 9 for those without. 

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Initially scheduled for January, the Siege DLC change-of-date announcement was made today on Twitter after a fan spotted conflicting information on the game’s official website and Ubisoft’s online support pages.

Season Pass holders ($30 a pop) will now have to hang on for four weeks before gaining immediate access to Black Ice’s two new characters, as well as its one new map. Other players will have to wait an extra week further still, whereafter they’ll get the chance to unlock the newbies by virtue of real-world money or in-game cash. The map is free-of-charge for everyone.

An Ubisoft blog post last year suggested that each new DLC operator headed to Siege – of which there are eight in total planned – can be unlocked via 25 hours of regular gameplay.