Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky brings big nerfs for Maverick (yes, already)

Maverick's already getting nerfed ahead of Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky - Hibana, Zofia, and Glaz see changes, too

rainbow six siege grim sky gameplay review

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky is currently available for play on test servers, and Ubisoft already has some changes in mind ahead of the update’s proper release. There’ll be a big series of nerfs to Maverick before he officially becomes part of the game, as well as subtler changes to Hibana, Zofia, and Glaz. Perhaps most notable is a nerf to Dokkaebi’s phone calls, though that’s going to be coming some time after the Grim Sky update.

If you’ve played on the TTS and found Maverick a bit overpowered, there are a set of changes aimed at keeping him in line. It’ll take longer for the blowtorch to destroy barbed wire, the torch will now be louder, and Maverick’s smoke grenade is now a stun grenade. The blowtorch may eventually have a higher ammo cost for breaching – pending further data – but don’t expect its range to get shortened. Ubisoft says that’s an absolute last resort of a change, as it would take months to ensure everything still works afterward.

Zofia will now have fewer concussion grenades to work with, dropping from four to three. For Hibana, the number of pellets required to destroy a hatch is dropping from six to four. There was also a bug preventing Glaz from destroying Castle’s Armored Panels – unintentional, but Ubisoft decided it’s a good thing, so now it’s permanent.

A bit later during Grim Sky, we’ll see further recoil changes. There’ll be fix for shotgun recoil, and some changes for machine pistols are likely. “We want to push the secondary weapons to being true secondary weapons, as opposed to their primary weapons,” Ubisoft says. “We may go about this in a different way and make adjustments to the recoil in the future, but not prior to the release of Grim Sky.”

As for Dokkaebi, the proposed phone call nerf will be coming significantly later. “Implementing a time limit for the phone calls (7-8 seconds and the call ends) is interesting, but requires UI development time. This is not something we can include with Grim Sky, but may be something we look at in the future.”

These changes are coming pretty fast after initial feedback rolled in, and Ubisoft says you should expect that to continue in the future. On Reddit, Epi says “We have been working on improving our feedback > action loop. This is our first go at the new method.”

If you want a full list of what’s changing alongside the new operation, check out the Grim Sky TTS patch notes. The Grim Sky release date is not yet official, but we’re expecting it on September 3 – follow that link for much more on all the new features.