Watch us play as Maverick and Clash in our Rainbow Six Siege: Grim Sky livestream

Rainbow Six Siege’s latest season is out now. Operation Grim Sky sees the addition of two new operators come to Ubisoft’s tactical FPS, as well as a Hereford Base map rework and a whole host of other changes. To celebrate the launch of Year 3, Season 3, watch us Jordan and Harry live as they dive into Rainbow Six Siege: Grim Sky at 4pm BST.

If you’ve somehow not heard of Siege, it’s essentially an epic online attack versus defence battle with forty different operators boasting all sorts of special abilities. Once you’ve learned the ropes in Situations – Siege’s tutorial mode – you’ll go onto the PvE mode, Terrorist Hunt, or to the mean online streets of game modes Bomb, Hostage, and Secure Area. Regardless of the match type you’re playing, you’ll either be attacking or defending an asset.

The two Rainbow Six Siege new operators are Clash and Maverick. Clash is a shield-wielding defender with tasers to stun her targets. Her extendable shield is bulletproof which naturally allows for plenty of protection, but she can’t shoot, melee, or vault with it extended. Maverick is a three-speed attacker and Delta Force operator with a blow torch that can create lines of sights through reinforced walls.

Jordan and Harry will be spending lots of time poking around the revamped Hereford Base map, too. Hereford in its old form was widely regarded as one of the weakest Siege maps, but lots has changed as part of Grim Sky. For the full lowdown on the latest season, check out our Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky release date details. But for now, sit back and relax as Jordan and Harry introduce you to Operation Grim Sky, live.

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