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Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky brings a big Thatcher nerf

You're getting a Thatcher nerf and a Twitch nerf alongside Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky will bring an array of buffs and nerfs alongside the new content. Today, Ubisoft detailed exactly what those changes will be, and it looks like Thatcher players are about to be hit especially hard, though Twitch is set to suffer a nerf as well.

Thatcher’s EMP grenades will now merely disable cameras instead of destroying them outright. That extends to security cam, bulletproof cam, Maestro’s turret, and Valkyrie’s cameras. This is an effort to push beyond the operator’s “binary playstyle,” by forcing players to think more creatively. This nerf stands on its own in the short-term, but will eventually be backed up with further changes for Thatcher.

“This is a small part of a larger project that we are working on,” Ubisoft says in the announcement, “but have too many dependencies on current systems to implement this at the same time as the rest of the changes. Future changes will include elements that will make Thatcher stronger, but we needed this interaction in place before we can begin working on those.”

Twitch’s drones are getting louder, giving players a better chance to hear it before it becomes a nuisance. It’ll still be “very discreet, and quieter than other drones,” though now you might actually have a shot at picking out the sound before it’s too late.

Year three season three also finally brings the recoil system changes we’ve been watching for most of the year, with the “weapon sight misalignment” fix finally going live after months of iteration on test servers. “This will be done by removing your weapon’s interaction with your Field of View (FOV), and ensuring the reticle will always be in the center of your screen.”

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These changes all come alongside the Grim Sky release date, though there are much bigger additions coming then. So far, Ubisoft has given us pretty good look at the gadgets and loadout for Clash, as well as the Hereford Base rework. Now we’re just waiting to hear about the other half of the Grim Sky operators – a blowtorch-equipped attacker. We’ll likely find out more sometime before the full reveal at the Six Major in Paris this weekend.