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Rainbow Six Siege Halloween challenges: how to unlock free Crimsonveil Packs

Want to earn a couple of free Halloween skins for Rainbow Six Siege? Here are the challenges you need to complete

rainbow six siege halloween challenges

Trying to figure out what the Rainbow Six Siege Halloween challenges are? Rainbow Six Siege’s leaked Halloween event is finally live, bringing a spooky makeover to the House map, news Halloween skins, and a new type of Alpha Pack called the Crimsonveil Pack. Inside these new packs are one of 22 new cosmetics that make up the Crimsonveil Collection, which are available to buy from now until the November 5, 2018. However, you can also unlock two of these skins for free by completing a couple of Rainbow Six Siege Halloween challenges.

The new challenges require you to put some serious time in on the new Mad House casual playlist, which features a Halloween-themed makeover of House complete with pumpkins, random noises, and lots of creepy portraits on the walls. This playlist also restricts your choice of operators, with five different ops on attack and defense to choose from, not to mention Recruit.

So, what are the Rainbow Six Siege challenges you’ll need to complete in order to earn two free Crimsonveil Packs? These challenges don’t appear in-game at the time of writing, but the Ubisoft blog tells us exactly what we’ll need to do.

Here are the Rainbow Six Siege Halloween challenges:

  • Get 30 kills while playing Mad House
  • Get 60 kills while playing Mad House

The blog also mentions that the Mad House playlist is only available until October 31, so don’t hang around if you want those free Siege outfits. It’s also worth noting that last year’s Halloween skins are also back in the store, so if you missed out on a beloved skin then now’s your chance to right that wrong.