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Rainbow Six Siege is leaking as two new operators are revealed from upcoming Black Ice expansion

Rainbow Six Siege black ice operators

The luck of Ubisoft’s latest big hitter hasn’t been the best. After having the existence of Rainbow Six Siege’s frozen yacht-based expansion Black Ice leaked by their own Mexican arm, now the eager content unravellers at 4chan have managed to get screenshots of the new playable characters coming with it. From there they made it to Reddit and now the whole world knows, including you if you just move your eyes down a bit.

Siege is so good it’s the latest addition to our picks of the best FPS games.

There’s a pair of noobies on the way, codenamed Frost and Buck. The former is mechanical trap-laying master that sports a Super 90 shotgun and a popped collar. Meanwhile Buck has an underslung shotgun on his signature assault rifle, flashbangs and an equally popped collar. The big reveals were posted to Imgur last night. Stats for their weapons were also made available.

Exactly where they came from isn’t clear, but they look legit enough and would have taken an obscenely long time and large amount of effort to fake. The person who posted them to Reddit, one ‘Fireinyoyrhole’, revealed they’d found them via 4chan’s Video Game Generals board, which hosts single big threads for various popular franchises.

The community seems to be focusing mainly on Frost and their mechanical trap, which will presumably be immune to electronic tampering thanks to that fact. Exactly what it will do when sprung – damage, immobilisation, insta-death or just a lot of noise – is up for debate. Presumably, Ubi won’t have wanted it to completely illegitimise other options, so it won’t be as powerful as electronic versions.