Ubisoft may be hiding all Rainbow Six Siege’s new weapons in this artwork


Update, May 8: YouTuber Coreross has analysed the key art for Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming season set in Italy, Para Bellum, and he may have uncovered a load of new weapons that Ubisoft hid within it.

For more on Rainbow Six Siege’s Para Bellum update, here’s everything we know.

The artwork shows the new map, along with two operators carrying four guns between them. Corecross suggests that these match up with the four firearms leaked by Reddit user Artex3 (see original story, below). He says that the man on the left holds what appears to be an AMELIMG82 Ameli LMG with a Baliff410 Taurus Judge sidearm, and the operator on the right – a StormMX4 SMG and a Rhino_D40 revolver.

rainbow six siege para bellum map

Corecross’ findings are open to interpretation, but if he’s correct it’s pretty cool that Ubisoft hid all of their new weapons for this season in the artwork for obsessive fans like him to find.

Original story, March 22: Earlier this week, redditor Artex3 revealed that Alibi and Maestro are Rainbow Six Siege’s Italian operators. Now, the leak extraordinaire has unearthed some of the weapons which will be added to the game alongside them.

According to Artex3’s latest leak, achieved via a client dump, next season will see some suitably italian weapons being added to Rainbow Six Siege including an SMG, light machinegun, and revolver.

rainbow six siege italy operators alibi maestro

Here are the weapons which were unearthed:

  • StormMX4
  • Baliff410
  • Rhino_D40

In addition, Artex3 found confirmation that Maestro’s gadget is not the bulletproof camera. Instead, there were references to the auto turret gadget, which was added several seasons ago. The files seem to suggest the auto turret is deployable, and Maestro’s movement will be impacted also by his gadget.

There is currently no confirmed date for Rainbow Six Siege Year Three Season Two.

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