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Kaid’s sniper pistol gets nerfed in the latest Rainbow Six Siege update

The latest Rainbow Six Siege patch offers some changes for the Wind Bastion operators along with a handful of other balance tweaks. Kaid’s getting a straight-up nerf to knock down the sniping potential of his pistol, while Nomad’s gadget will be swapped out to kill some overpowered synergy with with her airjab. Valkyrie’s throw is also getting a substantial adjustment.

Kaid’s .44 Mag now has increased recoil – making it “more difficult to chain shots precisely at long range” – and damage has been reduced from 74 to 54. Meanwhile, Nomad’s stun grenades have been replaced by a claymore, and this change is likely going to be the most controversial, since it gives her a big new trap option – but Ubisoft says that this still might change, too.

“The synergy between Nomad’s airjabs and the three stun grenades gave her a bit too much CC utility individually. While the addition of a Claymore can provide Nomad with some trap functionality, we’ll be monitoring the interactions between her gadget and the Claymore to see if this is a better fit.”

Valkyrie gets the other big change in this patch, as her throw curve “now projects straight from the center of the player cam” and the “excessive distances” of that throw have been reigned in. “Valk also started focusing more on leg day for a balanced workout routine.”

The full notes also detail a minor recoil change for IQ’s gadget and some visual improvements for police cars and destruction effects. Plus there’s the usual lot of bug fixes, so if you enjoy reading about the demise of very specific glitches there’s plenty of material. The patch is already live on PC and will hit consoles tomorrow.

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