Rainbow Six Siege’s lean spam fix is, er, being fixed

With Burnt Horizon upon us, Ubisoft details some last-minute changes

rainbow six siege new operators

Rainbow Six Siege’s latest season is nearly ready for deployment to the live game, and while the Technical Test Server has given us a lengthy preview of Operation Burnt Horizon, there are some notable differences in what we’re getting when the patch hits on March 6. Ubisoft has made an addendum to the patch notes explaining exactly what else is changing.

As part of the effort to fight lean spamming, the player’s camera position will be centred in their head even while leaning – previously, the camera position was centred around the far side of the head. This means players will now be more exposed while leaning, which should help to make it a slightly less overbearing tactic.

Capitao is reverting back to his Wind Bastion version while the developers “evaluate the data and feedback we’ve gathered.” Additionally, Dokkaebi is getting nerfed even further – the hangup timer on her calls is dropping from 18 seconds to 12, “so mom will go to voicemail faster now.” (It’s not nice to avoid her calls like that, kids.)

The addendum also notes changes to the animation system – mostly on the back-end for now, though there are new running animations to make head lean “less aggressive.”

Minimum clearance level for the ranked playlist will be increased from 20 to 40, holosight colour will be based on the skin of your weapon, and HP after getting revived will now be set to 20 in PvP and 15 in Terrorist Hunt.

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The Burnt Horizon release date is now – officially – two days away, and you can follow that link for more info on what to expect from the finished version. Stay tuned for details on release times, too.