Maestro mans a remote turret in Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum trailer

rainbow six siege maestro trailer

As expected after a week of similar teasers, Ubisoft have dropped a brief trailer for the upcoming Para Bellum operator, Maestro. Like the Alibi trailer, this is light on concrete detail, but it does offer a hint about the nature of Maestro’s ability.

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In the trailer, Maestro’s staring at a small screen and occasionally tapping, which prompts the muffled sounds of gunshots and screams from some distance away. Combined with earlier leaks, it seems safe to say that Maestro will be able to deploy a remote turret, controlled remotely by this device.

Ubisoft have also provided the usual lore dump along with this trailer, detailing Maesto’s early career. Oldest member of a large Roman family, he got his scar during an operation in Iraq with an Italian special forces unit. After years of experience instructing special forces and PMC units, he’s now joined Rainbow’s Italian wing.

Despite the combined efforts of leaks and teaser trailers, there’s still plenty yet to be discovered about Operation Para Bellum, and Ubisoft will lift what remains of the veil on May 20 as part of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals.