Rainbow Six Siege patch 1.3 is out now and targets cheaters

Rainbow Six Siege patch 1.3 targets cheaters

As Rainbow Six: Siege soldiers on towards its first expansion Operation Black Ice, Ubisoft are dropping patches for their latest co-op tactical shooter quicker than you can pull down a wall, launch a drone, or rappel through a window. Patch 1.3 is now live and has its sights locked on those who’re bending the rules. 

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If it feels like just last week Rainbow Six: Siege was patched that’s because, well, it was. Patch number 1.3 – the latest on the road to the big stonking full-fat update 2.0 that’s expected to arrive inline with Operation Black Ice next month – is smaller in size than the last but covers a list of tweaks focussed on hit registration and anti-cheating measures, among a small number of other technical issues.

The meat of the update is centred on ridding Siege of an exploit that allows players to get the drop on others by nipping behind the red-walled barrier into restricted grounds during the preparation phase. While this shouldn’t be possible, instant death awaits those who attempt it from hereon in. Don’t bother trying it, then, seems to be the overarching message.

“[We’ve] added a configuration that allows us to turn ON an insta-kill configuration for Defenders that go outside their zone during the preparation phase (this behavior should not be possible, but if exploits are found, the guilty shall be punished by a swift death!)” reads the update. “We will be able to activate this functionality at any time.”

Operation Black Ice is due for release on February 2 for season pass holders, and February 9 for everyone else.