Rainbow Six Siege video shows PC graphics options in-engine, hooray for TXAA


Are you fond of ambient occlusion? Then what a truly glorious day it is to be alive. Ubisoft and Nvidia have partnered up on Rainbow Six Siege to bring some nifty graphical features to the PC version. Ahead of the shooter’s release on December 1st, the GPU maker has released a brief trailer highlighting some of these visual features. 

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Though the full array of tweakable graphics options have yet to be revealed, the trailer shows off a couple of PC-exclusive visual options. First up, there’s HBAO+ – that’s horizon based ambient occlusion to me and you – for some seriously sexy shadow action. If you hate flickering jaggies, the presence of TXAA will also see you right. Mmmm, temporal anti-aliasing.

You’ll need to update your graphics card with the latest drivers, of course, but Nvidia are already promising Geforce Experience optimised settings.

They’re also running a promotion right now, where if you buy select lines of their GPUs – in this case the GTX 970, 980 or 980 TI – you can choose between a free digital copy of Siege or Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Although if you can afford the latter card, freebies are unlikely to be the top of your diamond-stuffed list of priorities.

Seeing as Rainbow Six Siege seems to be A) nearly always set at night and B) nearly always set in-doors, I wouldn’t hold my breath for Nvidia god rays. Though after the FPS-crippling effect they have on Fallout 4, that’s probably for the best.