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Rainbow Six Siege is getting a pick and ban phase

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Ubisoft announced that a pick and ban phase will be coming to Rainbow Six Siege, bringing a fixture of MOBAs to the game and potentially making a titanic shift to the dynamics of pro-level play.

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For those unfamiliar, pick and ban is a phase prior to play in which teams take turns picking their characters, then banning individual characters from being used. It gives teams a chance to build a strategy prior to the match start, and lets them try to deny advantages to their opponents.

In Rainbow Six Siege’s version, teams will be able to pick and ban two Operators per team for the entire match, which means both of the game’s hard breachers, Hibana and Thermite, can be removed from play.

This has major implications for Siege’s metagame, and teams who depend on breaching will have to adapt new tactics to compensate.

Once the first round of picks and bans is over, teams will see each others’ lineups and have a final chance to re-pick one of their Operators.

The phase will roll out for testing first for Pro League and Custom, then for ranked mode. It’s unclear whether it’ll be added to casual.

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