Rainbow Six Siege now has 35 million players

rainbow six siege player count

Update, June 11: Rainbow Six Siege has boasts 35 million players.

You might have wanted a bit more from the Rainbow Six Siege E3 2018 showing, but 35 million players is still pretty impressive. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer for an upcoming documentary about some of the top Siege esports players.

Update, April 12:Rainbow Six Siege has now hit 30 million players.

Rainbow Six Siege remains one of the gaming’s crazier success stories, moving from a lackluster launch to become one of the biggest competitive games on the market. Now they’ve hit a new milestone, and Ubisoft are celebrating over 30 million players.

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That number’s particularly notable if you take into account when previous milestones were achieved. Siege hit 20 million players back in August of 2017, meaning that 10 million more players have gotten into the game in roughly eight months. The pace of Siege’s growth is accelerating rather than slowing down, and that goes against all manner of conventional wisdom.

Ubisoft also reiterated their 100 operator plan in a press release accompanying the news, and with numbers like this that seems achievable.

Update March 7, 2017:Operation Chimera has brought a massive influx of new players to Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege’s turnaround from a middling response in 2015 to one of the most popular online shooters on the market has turned out to be one of gaming’s biggest success stories, and the game’s growth continues to reach even greater heights. With the official launch of Operation Chimera, Siege is hitting new records.

Earlier this morning, Siege hit a new peak player count of 176,208 according to Steam Charts, up from the previous record in February of 125,133. The game’s seen regular growth through most of its life, but a sudden jump of over 50,000 players is unprecedented. One year ago, February’s peak player count was 65,189, and a year before that it was just 16,044.

The game’s now cemented as the number four title on Steam, behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Valve’s own hits with Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Daily peaks for Siege this week had hovered between 100,000 to 120,000, up until Operation Chimera went live yesterday. Chimera adds new operators Lion and Finka, as well as a new PvE game mode called Outbreak which pits players against monstrous enemies.

Ubisoft are also implementing stricter rules against hate speech alongside the update, with permanent bans being issued against the most frequent abusers.

Original story June 7, 2017:Ubisoft’s shooter Rainbow Six Siege has an impressive ability to retain players, or so it seems. According to videogame statistic aggregateGitHyp, unlike Ubisoft’s other new releases likeFor Honor, it’s been gaining players over the years, even going so far as to triple its playerbase in the time since its debut.

At its opening weekend, Rainbow Six Siege was peaking at 12k concurrent players. The game saw a 40% spike with the release of the Skull Rain DLC that launched last August, but it still couldn’t break the record of that opening weekend.

GitHyp notes that Ubisoft’s support of the game throughout its tenure on store shelves is an important part of the game’s upward growth, including reductions in price, additional content, and other promotional campaigns that have made it easier for players to get in on the action without spending too much money – especially free weekends.

These efforts have resulted in a new record of concurrent players – 65k, to be exact – which has finally allowed the game a spot in Steam’s list of top five most played games.

With additional planned content coming down the pipeline, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for Rainbow Six Siege’s player numbers to grow again sometime in the future.