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Rainbow Six Siege rounds up the French GIGN special forces

Rainbow Six Siege GIGN

As a Tom Clancy game, Rainbow Six Siege loves real-word military regiments. If they’re not from the real world, they have no place in Rainbow Six. The latest real-world team that Ubisoft are showing off is France’s GIGN counter-terrorist force, who bring four characters to Siege. 

The four characters available to play as from the GIGN team are Montagne, Twitch, Doc, and Rook. Each comes with their own unique tool bag of gear, such as bulletproof vests to be distributed to friendlies, a scouting RC robot, and a gun that can shoot healing bullets. Yup, sounds pretty damn realistic to me.

If you’ve already picked a favourite, don’t be so hasty: there’s also characters from the FBI and British SAS to play as, each offering their own four operatives. You can check out how some of them feel to play in Fraser’s hands-on of the alpha.

Rainbow Six Siege releases October 13th.

Thanks, PC Gamer.