Rainbow Six Siege’s free Operation Black Ice DLC is out now

Rainbow Six: Siege DLC

Rainbow Six: Siege’s first big update has landed with a new map, two new operators and new weapon skins in tow. There’s also a new spectator camera for custom games online.

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Named Operation Black Ice, the new map is set on a crashed yacht, while Frost and Buck – the new operators – are from the elite real-world Canadian special operations force JTF2.

Season pass holders can dive in combat boots-first with the new goodies at their immediate disposal, however those without will have to wait another week to unlock the operators. Even then, non-pass holders will be forced to use Siege’s in-game currency, or real life cash, to enlist Frost and Buck’s services.

The latest expansion also offers players a new leg trap, which, eh, traps legs. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but here it is in action nonetheless:

Moving forward, Ubisoft have three more similar updates lined up for Rainbow Six: Siege that are due for release before the end of the year.