Rainbow Six Siege Sunsplash packs – stay cool with these summer skins

rainbow six siege sunsplash packs skins price

Rainbow Six Siege just got a new batch of cosmetic items, offering summer-appropriate attire perfect for staying cool through the hotter months – and look cool doing it. If you log in to Siege right now you’ll get two of the new Sunsplash for free, giving you a pair of cosmetics from the 12 item collection.

These packs – they bear a striking resemblance to Capri Suns, incidentally – offer the chance at items like Blue Hibiscus, which features Lesion in a Hawaiian shirt. Then there’s Scuba Six for Dokkaebi, an aptly named wetsuit, as well as our favourite, Summer Cool, which gives Lesion a popsicle stick to chew on.

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You’ll also have a shot at some colourful weapon skins, and some nifty charms ranging from diving masks and flip flops to a very angry Tiki idol, on top of all the other skins in the package.

The full collection will cost 2700 R6 credits, or just over $20 USD. Not a terrible value, despite the relatively small selection of skins.

Legendary Sunsplash items

Easy Train – IQ headgear

Summer Cool – Lesion headgear

Epic Sunsplash items

Blue Hibiscus – Lesion uniform

rainbow six siege sunsplash packs skins price

Freedive – Dokkaebi headgear

Scuba Six – Dokkaebi uniform

rainbow six siege sunsplash packs skins price

Summer Bloom – AUG A2 weapon skin (IQ)

Rare Sunsplash items

Diving for Intel – charm

Flip Flop – charm

Orange Peel – BOSG 12.2 weapon skin (Dokkaebi/Vigil)

Sonoran Chill – IQ uniform

Subtropical – T-5 SMG weapon skin (Lesion)

Tiki Teeth – charm

Honestly, the sheer force of these summer skins might force us to rethink our list of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators. There’s combat effectiveness, then there’s being enough of a cool dad to hold a popsicle stick in combat. That’s tough to argue against.