Rainbow Six’s Thatcher shows his face in new Para Bellum elite skin


Rainbow Six Siege’s Thatcher has always been a mysterious fellow, keeping his face obscured with a menacing gas mask of some kind. Well, no more – a new elite skin for the operator coming with Operation Para Bellum reveals his face, and it turns out old Thatcher is just a friendly dad, doing his job.

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Ubisoft revealed the skin today during the Season 7 Pro League Finals in Atlantic City. The elite Thatcher skin (which you can see above) shows the EMP-wielding attacker without his mask for the first time, scratching his bearded chin and cracking a half smile. It’s suddenly easy to imagine him as Mike Baker, teaching his kids to ride bicycles instead of grumbling threats about knives.

The elite skin will come with its own unique emote, MVP victory animation, weapon skin, and charm. Here’s the clip from Twitch if you’d like to see him in motion. You’ll be able to find it in the Operator Store once Operation Para Bellum starts up June 5.

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