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Rainbow Six Siege gets Twitch Prime-exclusive skins

Rainbow Six Siege is finally getting in on the Twitch Prime action, with a set of exclusive skins available as a free bonus for Prime subscribers over the next few months. There are a total of 17 items, and though they’re coming as random drops you’re guaranteed to get all of them if you stay current on the promotion.

Hibana, Finka, Ela, and Bandit are each getting a unique headgear skin, uniform skin, weapon skin, and weapon charm, all coming via the new Twitch Prime packs. You’ll get eight packs in September, four in October, and four in November, for a total of 16 items – just enough to get all the new gear, since you’re guaranteed no duplicates.

The September set also contains that 17th item, a legendary chibi charm. You can get it all by heading to the official site, linking your Prime account with your Ubisoft account, and claiming the content there.

If you don’t want to pay for Prime, you can get up to 13 of the items by signing up for a 30-day free trial in time to claim both the September and October packages for a majority of the exclusive gear. But the promotion is cleverly timed across three months to prevent you from getting the full set that way.

Siege is finally joining the illustrious likes of Fortnite and a sea of indie games in offering free stuff through Prime, and it’s probably about time. At the very least, it’s free stuff – assuming you’ve got a Prime subscription or haven’t used up that free trial yet.

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