Rainbow Six Siege mid-season patch gives Glaz a thermal scope, promises PC test servers

Rainbow six siege glaz thermal

Ubisoft Montreal have outlined this season’s main round of buffs, bug fixes and Operator tweaks, and players who main Glaz, Doc or Buck will be particularly pleased. The main Operator change sees marksman Glaz overhauled with a new flip sight that gives thermal feedback allowing him to see through smoke or gas and spot targets more easily at night time. Doc’s overheal ability has also been buffed allowing him to boost his own health to 140 instead of 120. Meanwhile Buck’s under-barrel shotgun gets an additional magazine to keep players armed at close-quarters for much longer. The patch is due out later today, so you’ll be able to try out the changes for yourself in no time.

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Ubisoft have also promised that test servers will be arriving to PC port of the game as part of their new Health Program for the game, that aims to improve the in-game ecosystem with every new patch, which is supposedly aimed at the growing discontent about updates fixing non-issues and persistent bugs going unaddressed.

So what else is incoming: Twitch is getting her very own Elite Skin if pricey cosmetics are your thing, sight reticules are getting smaller, Echo’s MP5SD now does more damage at medium range, Thermite’s 556xi handles better, Jackal’s C7E is getting a recoil rebalance and Capitão’s PARA-308 is also about to get a recoil buff. Controversially, the damage dropoff for Caveira’s silent Luison is being made more consistent, which means it’ll be even more powerful.

As per usual, Ubisoft have donned their exterminator gear once more and delivered us a list of squashed bugs too long to post, so for the full rundown head here.