Rainbow Six Siege will combat team killers with a super secret plan

Rainbow Six Siege TK

These days Rainbow Six is purely multiplayer, meaning all your terrorist battles will be online among the company of friends and strangers. When tactically breaching-and-clearing a house, you want to know that your team has your back, and in a manner that does not involve filling said back with a kilo of buckshot. To make sure team killing is kept at bay, developer Ubisoft has a plan. A secret plan, it would seem, since we don’t know what it is.

Rainbow Six Siege is out today. Check out our Port Review to see how it runs on PC.

Siege’s open beta saw reports of team killing, mostly in the form of trolling. This would naturally be a concern to anyone hoping to have a good time with the game and role play and efficient, trained army man. A concerned fan dropped the official Rainbow Six Twitter a line about team kills, and was told that team killing “will not be tolerated at launch”.

Apparently there is a plan to handle team killers, but Ubisoft have not detailed what that is. Perhaps there will be penalties to scores and collected currency? Or team killers could be rounded up and forced to play with each other on the ‘naughty maps’? How would you like to see such trolls punished?

Thanks, PC Gamer and VG247.