Rainbow Six Siege will equip a hardcore playlist in 2016

Rainbow Six Siege

While only just a few weeks old, Rainbow Six Siege has already got off to a booming start with a strong community. Knowing that multiplayer games live and breathe on updates and changes to keep players interested, Ubisoft have announced that next year they’ll be introducing a Hardcore playlist for players that want to take their counter-terrorism to the next level.

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Hardcore is currently available as a custom game mode, but Ubi’s intentions is to create a proper ‘official’ playlist with hardcore rules. Those rules have let to be finalised, but are expected to involve minimal HUD elements and an indicator of how many magazines you have, rather than individual bullets.

Ubisoft have decided to spend time developing the hardcore playlist and wait until next year to implement it as to not segment the player base until it is completely necessary. For players that are ready to progress onto something more intense than ranked, the studio encourages them to play some custom games with hardcore settings and send feedback to help finalise the official hardcore playlist.

In other changes, the HUD settings in Casual and Ranked are being unified so they’re almost entirely the same. The only key differences will be that Ranked does not have a Killcam, and Casual will not have Spawn Vote. The synchronisation of both mode’s HUDs is to make sure that players upgrading from Casual to Ranked don’t have to re-learn elements of the game, which no doubt is an unwelcome hindrance when going up against more skilled players.

The Rainbow Six Siege forums include a whole post of data to show the results of a 10,000 player survey which has helped influence the changes made.

If you’re a Rainbow Six Siege player, what do you make of these changes?