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Rainbow Six Siege TTS patch signals end for window shield glitch

Rainbow Six Siege Montagne and Pulse mains rejoice, you can now toggle their abilities

rainbow six siege maverick ability

September 26 Ubisoft has amended the patch post to sat Glaz can not destroy Castle’s armour.

The latest patch to appear on the Rainbow Six Siege test server brings some long-awaited quality of life changes. Montagne and Pulse mains, your abilities will now toggle by default. No more achy fingers from holding down the middle mouse button to keep your shield fully extended or to keep the heart rate scanner held up.

Also, it looks like Ubisoft is finally stepping off the fence about defenders blocking window vaults with deployable shields. There’s been chatter about whether this is a glitch for years and Ubi has never clearly stated whether it approves or not of its use as a tactic. The latest patch notes say “Placing a deployable shield perpendicular near a window will block the vault action for some windows” so it sounds like Ubi will be stopping this from occurring in future releases.

Castle mains will be happy to learn that Glaz’s bullets can no longer penetrate your barricades, nor can the bullets destroy barricades.

You can check out the full Rainbow six Siege Test Server patch notes over on the official subreddit. Beyond the three changes detailed above, there are a lot of minor bug fixes to come but nothing major.