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Rainbow Six Siege’s Tachanka rework finally drops in Year 5, Season 1, says leak

Lord Tachanka will soon be very different

February 7, 2020 Ubisoft has refused to comment on the leak.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s long-awaited Tachanka rework may be just around the corner. The Lord’s revamp will be included in the upcoming Year 5, Season 1 update, according to a reliable leaker, and it will bring some big changes.

Resetera member Kormora, who has a history of leaking Siege information ahead of official announcements, says the new season will make Tachanka’s main weapon his LMG – rather than his special ability as it is currently. The update will also give him an incendiary device of some kind and introduce map bans (“players decide what map to pick and ban”) for the first time, according to the leaker. Kormora concludes by revealing replays will come to Siege in the first season of Year 5. Ubisoft declined to comment on the leak when approached by PCGamesN.

Tachanka, despite his peerage and meme status in the Siege community, has been the most maligned operator since the game’s initial launch. His stationary turret is powerful but almost entirely restricts his movement, making him vulnerable from multiple angles.

Developer Ubisoft has been open about its intention to rework Tachanka, but such a revamp, while much-needed given the operator’s lowly status in the Siege meta, has not yet appeared.

We’re set to find out more on Rainbow Six Siege: Year 5 at the Siege Invitational later this month.