Rainbow Six Siege Road to S.I. Battle Pass guide: how to rank up

Everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege’s latest Battle Pass

Rainbow Six Siege Road to S.I. Battle Pass

The Rainbow Six Siege Road to S.I Battle Pass is now live in-game with 35 reward tiers to grind through and 50 cosmetics to add to your wardrobe. After the tentative ‘Call Me Harry’ tester Battle Pass released in October, Rainbow Six Siege players have been waiting to find out exactly when the first full Battle Pass would be making it to the popular tactical FPS game.

Just 24 hours after a really quite handsome CGI trailer for the event dropped the new Stadium map, Road to S.I. Battle Pass, and Road to S.I playlist are live across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The playlist itself is a regular unranked game mode with all operators unlocked within the playlist – and yes, all the action unfolds on the brand-new Stadium map, so get hunting down those easter eggs.

However, there have been some tweaks to the ‘Call Me Harry’ mini Battle Pass, so we’re on standby to break down the new Road to S.I. Battle Pass, including what kinds of rewards you can get from it, how you earn progress for it, and when the S.I. Battle Pass ends.

How much does the Road to S.I. Battle Pass cost?

A very important detail after the Premium Packs microtransaction system upset so many fans. The Rainbow Six Siege Road to S.I. Battle Pass costs 1,200 R6 Credits if you want to unlock the premium track. However, there is a free Road to S.I Battle Pass track with plenty of cosmetic goodies, including headgears, weapon skins, weapon charms, and Alpha Packs. There is a premium bundle for 2,400 R6 Credits that will instantly unlock 12 tiers.

When does the Road to S.I. Battle Pass end?

The new Battle Pass ends at the same time as the playlist does: February 16, 2020.

How do you level up the Road to S.I. Battle Pass?

You can progress the Battle Pass by playing any type of multiplayer match. Winning rounds and matches gets you plenty of boosts, but you can also earn progress with match losses to ensure your playing time isn’t totally wasted.

Progress is measured in Battle Points, here’s a breakdown of how many you’ll earn:

  • +120 – win match
  • +60 – win round
  • +100 – lose match

There are also the following bonuses:

  • +25% – for playing in Ranked and Unranked
  • +30% – for Year 4 Pass holders

Leaving a match, being kicked from a match, staying idle during a match, and surrendering will not earn you any Battle Points, so hopefully matches won’t be packed with idle players.

Are there Battle Pass challenges?

No self-respecting battle pass in 2020 can launch without challenges, and Rainbow Six Siege’s version is no different. There are community and personal challenges for you to complete over the course of the event. Here are the first set of challenges:

  • Match win streak 0/3
  • Destroy defenders’ gadgets 0/40
  • Destroy attackers’ drones 0/40
  • Suppressor kills 0/60

The community challenge is to reach the round threshold 40m times.

And there you have it, a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the Rainbow Six Siege Road to S.I. Battle Pass. It looks like Ubisoft has ironed out all the kinks from the test pass, and there’s plenty to enjoy for players who don’t want to pay, plus some new looks for some of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators – neat!