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Rainbow Six Siege upgrades to “newer, faster” servers starting this week

A major server upgrade for Rainbow Six Siege is getting underway

If you’ve been having trouble connecting to the Rainbow Six Siege servers lately, you’re not alone. Ubisoft has provided a “connectivity update” today, revealing that Siege is starting to migrate to “newer, faster” servers starting this week. The process will take a few months, but should result in fewer connection problems for players going forward.

“This week we begin migrating our PC and PlayStation game servers to newer, faster machines,” the devs say in a tweet. “Xbox will follow. This rollout will happen gradually from region to region throughout the next few months to ensure the least player impact.”

The devs say that “this global upgrade process will ensure Siege is supported with the latest technology, giving our team more tools to better tackle connectivity issues affecting our players, while providing our players an improved experience with less frequent connectivity issues.” For now, if you’re playing in Australia or Japan, you might need to shift servers for now – there’s a list of affected servers in the Twitter thread, which will be updated as more shifts take place.

A quick scroll through Ubisoft’s tech support forum indicates that there have been numerous connection issues in Siege and other Ubisoft titles over the past few weeks,

Elsewhere in the world of Siege, the Six Invitational has been delayed, so fans are making do with a Memevitational instead. (We’re still getting an official ‘Siege Celebration’ which should bring us some Year 6 info, though.) For more FPS games, you can follow that link.