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Rainbow Six Siege operator skins will get easier to spot with Crystal Guard

Ubisoft is rolling out a change to address the ongoing Siege skin blending issue

Blonde, short-haired female Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard operator Osa wearing futuristic riot kit grins at the camera

For a while now, Rainbow Six Siege players have been reporting concerns about some Rainbow Six Siege operator skins being a little too tricky to spot against maps’ backgrounds, with some blending in a bit too effectively. But, the good news is that the latest operation, Crystal Guard – which has just been unveiled – is bringing a solution to this.

Ubisoft recently listed the issue in a June ‘Top Issues and Community Concerns’ blog post – a rundown of the quirks and bugs it’s aiming to improve within a certain timeframe. “We know that certain operator skins are well-known for blending into some environments, and this has led to situations where players felt they were at an unfair disadvantage,” the studio explained. The solution would be to add a “rim lighting effect” to operators, which the Siege team explained they’ve been testing out and tinkering with to get it consistent across the board. Now, the good news is this change is coming with the new season.

Ubisoft has confirmed as part of its reveal of Crystal Guard that there will now be a light shader effect applied around every operator model in the FPS game going forward, so no matter which skin they’re wearing, their outline should always be visible to others.

“At the end of the day, we want players to be able to choose the cosmetics they want without gaining an unfair advantage of any kind,” the studio explained in its recent blog post.

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Alongside this change, Ubisoft has revealed that three Rainbow Six Siege operators are getting reworked with the new season, while three maps – Bank, Coastline, and Clubhouse – are in for some big tweaks of their own, too.

The new update comes to test servers on August 17. There’s no known Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard release date just yet, but updates usually drop around three weeks after this, so if this one sticks to the usual pattern, it shouldn’t be a long wait. You can check out that link for everything else we know about the update so far.