Rainbow Six Siege will be free to Korean players in PC bangs

Ubisoft has plans to expand Siege in South Korea

Ubisoft has big plans for Rainbow Six Siege in the Asian market, and now the company has announced details on its plans to make the game available in South Korea’s ubiquitous PC bangs. The full content of the game will be available to players in those LAN centers without restriction, and that increased availability has big implications for the game’s APAC esports scene.

The news was first announced by Ubisoft chief Yves Guillemot last month, and a follow-up message from executive director Alain Corre this week has provided much more detail on the rollout. Anyone with a Uplay account will be able to log into Rainbow Six Siege at a PC bang “without purchasing any license.”

The PC bang release will include access to all Rainbow Six Siege operators, as well as in-game charms. “We are extremely grateful for your support and love for Ubisoft so far,” Corre says, “and we would like to show our gratitude with this update.”

It remains to be seen exactly how players will respond to the PC bang release, but increased availability in South Korea should help to liven up the scene around what’s traditionally been one of the world’s biggest esports hubs.

You can see Corre’s rundown of the release above.

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