Rainbow Six Siege leaks reveal a puppet-themed team deathmatch event for Y5S3

Get out your felt and scissors for Siege's Y5S3 mid-season event - everything looks like Muppets

Sam Fisher in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy

A new batch of Rainbow Six Siege leaks has revealed what is likely the Halloween themed event for Year 5 Season 3. According to imagery obtained in a recent Siege datamine, the event is called Sugar Fright and will feature a team deathmatch-style mode and Alpha Packs containing goodies that look like they’re made for a bunch of felt puppets instead of hardened Rainbow operators.

Sugar Fright appears to be a variation on team deathmatch, in which players will respawn after being taken down. However, the mode also includes a mechanic borrowed from Call of Duty’s ‘Kill Confirmed’ mode, requiring players to move to the body of an enemy they’ve taken out in order to score a point.

According to @benjaminstrike on Twitter, who has posted the leaked footage on his account, the mode is a single round of ten minutes in which players will all have impact or fragmentation grenades equipped, along with flashbang or smoke grenades that automatically refill. Oh, and you’ll be wearing a Muppets-style felt head for the whole thing.

Here’s the footage, which includes some placeholder art for whatever the bobbin is you need to pick up to confirm your kill.

Here’s a link to a leak posted to Reddit that shows the puppet-themed Alpha packs. They are made of felt and have big googly eyes on them. Fun!

Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy is introducing a lot of changes to the game, including bringing Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher aboard as Zero and – most likely – finally giving players the long-awaited Tachanka rework.

We’ve got information on the Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy release date, as well as a good rundown on what’s new in Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 if you’re interested in learning more before the puppets come out for the Muppet Purge in October.