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Leaked Rainbow Six Siege footage shows Tachanka rework in action

Lord Tachanka's new mobile machine gun and grenade launcher gadget can be seen in this leaked video

We saw some of what Ubisoft has in mind for Rainbow Six Siege‘s worst operator, the beloved Lord Tachanka, back when it pulled back the veil on his rework in February. Now, a new leaked video has shown off more of what we can expect from the much more mobile and destructive version of Tachanka, which we may see in the game as early as the upcoming season.

Siege leaker xSkajOfficial has posted several clips and images captured from what appears to be a hacked version of the game. In it, he’s able to show off Tachanka’s new primary weapon – while it’s still a Degtyaryov machine gun, it isn’t the turret-mounted RP-46 model he originally carried as a gadget. The version he carries as his primary is the DP-28, which is an incorrect but widely-adopted western label for the real-life Degtyaryov DP-27.

As we’ve already seen, the DP-28 is portable and fed from a top-mounted drum magazine that holds 70 rounds. xSkajOfficial says the gun does 48 damage and fires at about 550 rounds per minute, with very little damage drop-off over distance.

You can check out the footage here, and there’s also footage of the DP-28’s weapon skins available here.

The first clip also shows off Tachanka’s new incendiary grenade launcher, although the reload animation sounds and the fire effects appear incomplete or missing in some cases in the video.

Tachanka’s bio is also getting an update that suggests the new Shumikha grenade launcher is going to be as crucial to his kit as the fearsome machine gun, which can chew massive holes through any soft wall.

“One thing is for sure, taking the Shumikha on missions will lighten his load’, writes the fictional Dr. Elena ‘Mira’ Alvarez in the snippet. “After testing I can guarantee Tachanka can do just as much damage with the grenade launcher as he has done with any other weapon. I’m particularly interested in the ‘bounce’ effect of the grenades. Much like Tachanka’s sense of humour, they seem to land flat – but once the fuse burns down, the area goes up in flames. Since he’s used to immediate deployment and damage output, Tachanka must adjust his timing to compensate. That said, I have no doubt he’ll enjoy it.”

xSkajOfficial says he expects the Tachanka rework to appear in the upcoming season, Operation Shadow Legacy. If they’re right, we won’t have long to wait before Lord Tachanka makes his glorious reappearance in a game where he’s long served as little more than material for memes.