If you’re new to Rainbow Six Siege, these handy starter guides might help

Rainbow Six Siege is a thrilling multiplayer game at its best, but the FPS’ high skill ceiling means that it can be pretty tricky for a new player starting out. Luckily for players in the UK though, Ubisoft has been working on short video guides for every starter operator and every map to help you get the best out of the game.

The operator guides break down each operator’s role and their unique ability in addition to providing tips and tricks, whereas the map guides explore the exterior and interior layouts, as well as pointing out destructible walls and entry points. Although this won’t fully prepare a new player going into the game, it’ll certainly give them more of an idea of what to expect from a multiplayer shooter, and stop them from placing Mute jammers in random places or obvious Kapkan traps.

Every new player will need to grind their way to level 20 anyway before they can join a ranked match, and as we all know, practice makes perfect.

The sheer amount of operators on offer can be daunting, and these guides, which can be found below, will hopefully push players towards roles they actually want to play and understand, rather than playing an operator they dislike repeatedly.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing Rainbow Six Siege, it’s that map knowledge is key. It took me hours to try and memorise the floor plans of some of the maps, so guides like this actually help present that information in a different format. Sometimes the difference between winning and losing a round is the route you take back to site, or the angle you peek, so it’s nice to see Ubisoft trying to attract a new player base with these videos.