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How to get Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime skins

Want to get your hands on the ridiculous Mozzie-rella skin? Here’s how

rainbow six-siege twitch prime skins

The latest set of Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime skins are some of the most visually distinct and downright silliest cosmetics to arrive in the ordinarily po-faced tactical FPS. The star of the show is certainly Mozzie-rella, a pizza-themed bundle for the Australian defender that swaps his motocross helmet out for a cheese-loaded pizza slice – it’s bright yellow, rendering it about as unsuitable for combat as camouflage Space Form uniforms.

But the cosmetics aren’t just for Mozzie, as other Rainbow Six Siege operators are getting in on the act ahead of the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 release date. French attacker Twitch and Italian defender Maestro are getting slightly more basic cosmetics, with Twitch getting a green camo overhaul and Maestro opting for bright yellow. They’re certainly not great at hiding in the close-quarters maps of Rainbow Six Siege, but they’re great for showing off your allegiance to Bezos.

Trouble is, it’s not always clear how to claim these goodies. So in order to help those of you who may be floundering around on the Twitch homepage looking for loot, here’s how to get the Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime skins.

How to unlock Twitch Prime skin for Rainbow Six Siege

First thing to note is that if you subscribe to either Amazon Prime or Prime Video then it won’t cost you anything to get a Twitch Prime account. You can also get a 30-day free trial of Prime if you haven’t got it already.

Once you’ve got both of those you’ll need to link them, which you can do by heading to the Twitch Prime website and following the prompts.

Here’s how to claim your Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime skins. To do this you need to link your Uplay account with your Twitch Prime account. This is pretty simple:

  • Head to the account management section of the Uplay website
  • Sign in
  • Look for the Account Information tab and go there
  • Navigate to the Linked Accounts option
  • Click the Link Account button near the Twitch icon
  • Log in to your Twitch account via the pop-up window
  • Wait for confirmation after logging in

The last part simply requires keeping an eye on the Twitch Prime page for Rainbow Six Siege loot and redeeming it when it arrives.

When do the Rainbow Six SIege Twitch Prime skins unlock?

Ubisoft says that the first of the latest set of Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime skins will unlock on January 23, 2020, with more to follow but no precise date.

Here’s the first drop:

We’re still not sure when the next sets are due but that’s a handsome bundle if you’ve already got Prime.