Ubisoft reveals Rainbow Six Siege’s British Counter Terrorism Unit

Rainbow Six Siege British Unit

Britain’s a terrifying place. Monstrous facsimiles of humans are fighting over who will tell everyone else what to do for the next few years, gangs of youths prowl the streets saying threatening things like “Afternoon” and “How’s it going?”, and with the country no longer being gripped by cold weather, there are lary wasps everywhere. Everywhere. 

It’s no wonder, then, that we need a Counter Terrorism Unit. A British Counter Terrorism Unit, uniquely suited to deal with the scary things that happen here, like the rising price of cigarettes or the weird look I get from some of my neighbours. Sometimes they deal with other problems, though, as you will see below in the first of a new Rainbow Six video series, detailing the different special forces units. 

These Brits were lamentably not available to test during the Rainbow Six Siege alpha, but they look like a lovely bunch, with their fashionable gas masks and Darth Vader impressions.

While I was unable to play as a fellow Brit, I did shoot a lot of people, rappel down a building, and rescue a very scared man from a house and a plane. You can read all about my misadventures in the Rainbow Six Siege alpha. I was serenaded by a Frenchman, and it was wonderful.