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Ubisoft shows off more very, very serious Rainbow Six Siege Terrorist Hunt gameplay

Rainbow Six Siege terrorist hunt

Rainbow Six’s sort of co-op mode, Terrorist Hunt, pits you and your squad against groups of AI-controlled terrorists. Ubisoft announced the return of the mode for Siege during E3, and now you can take a look at a match in an interactive trailer

When I say interactive trailer, I really mean that little boxes will pop up during it, and if you click on them, you get some random information. Here is what happens when you go in a window. Here is a bit of background about this one giant man with a shield. That sort of thing.

It’s also subtitled so you can read as well as hear the very serious tactical chatter from men who are maybe living out some sort of soldier/SWAT fantasy, until one of them says “I died,” which a soldier would never say. Because they’d be dead.

Full screen it to avoid the nonsense and just watch a very exciting infiltration and smoky firefight.