Rainbow Six Siege update 2.3’s new release time confirmed following delay

July 29, 2020 Ubisoft has now confirmed the new Rainbow Six Siege patch, Y5S2.3, will launch today, July 29, at 06:20 PT / 09:20 ET / 14:20 BST, following 20 minutes of downtime. Original story follows.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s new 2.3 update has been delayed, Ubisoft has announced just minutes after it was due to launch. The patch was due to go live today, July 28, but will no longer do so “due to unforeseen circumstances”.

Ubisoft announced the news at 07:20 PT / 10:20 ET / 15:20 BST, precisely one hour after the new update was due to go live on PC. Instead, the patch will now land “at a later date”.

As we previously reported, three operators are getting buffed in the Y5S2.3 patch. Firstly, Fuze will now be able to carry four cluster charges, up from the current total of three, a change Ubisoft hopes will lead to Fuze players using “those resources more aggressively”. Gridlock, meanwhile, will see the deployment time of her trax stingers increase from 13 seconds to nine seconds, with some other tweaks to mitigate that buff.

Finally, Oryx’s Remah dash will be a little more useful, going forwards: it no longer uses up dashing charges by running through soft walls, and his dash recovery time has been reduced to 0.5 seconds, both after running through a soft wall and after colliding with an enemy. However, his dash charge refill time has been increased to 12 seconds (up from eight).

We don’t yet know when the patch will drop, following its delay, but in the meantime you can check out our list of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators and our guide to Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 to get yourself geared up and ready for when the update is released.

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