Rainbow Six Siege’s Vigil literally has no face

An image of Vigil's character model is pretty scary minus the mask

Rainbow Six Siege’s operator Vigil is pretty identifiable from his outfit – almost always clad in a ballistic mask hiding his face from view, he’s pretty easy to spot among the game’s band of playable heroes. However, apart from that glimpse of a silhouetted Vigil without his mask, it now looks like we might have a good idea of what the defending operator really looks like, courtesy of one Reddit user – and it’s pretty scary.

User KowyCzech has just posted an image on the Rainbow Six subReddit of what appears to be game files of Vigil’s character model with the comment “Vigil without his mask. I must say he is interesting being.” In it, you can see his profile rendered in grey and split into two parts – his main ‘body’ and the mask with a neck mesh attached next to it. Take away the mask, though, and there’s not much left of poor Vigil’s face – check it out for yourself further down the article.

Maskless Vigil’s face is a disembodied mouth and portion of skin around his eyes – and that’s it. Given that he’s never without his mask in Rainbow Six, it looks like the devs might have decided to just leave his face at that, as you’re unlikely to need to see much more in-game. Still, though – no wonder he’s keen on covering up.

What’s interesting is why the devs have given him teeth in the mesh if his mask usually covers his entire face. As one user suggests in the comments, perhaps they have plans for a mask that shows off his pearly whites in the future. This is just speculation, of course, but it could potentially explain the choice.

Vigil without his mask. I must say he is interesting being from r/Rainbow6

Some plans Ubisoft does have in store for Rainbow Six Siege include rebalancing plans for the map pool for players in Ranked, plus some other tweaks planned for Y4S3 of the game.

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