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The latest Rainbow Six Siege TTS gives Warden more speed and less armour

Do not try to stop the mustache

Warden has had a rough go of it since his debut in Rainbow Six Siege, as the operator has quickly devolved into the realm of joke picks. The developers brought us some Warden buffs aimed largely at increasing his mobility ahead of Ember Rise, but it hasn’t been enough – and today’s test server update takes the step that many players have been asking for.

The latest TTS turns Warden from a one speed, three armour operator to a two speed, two armour version. Ubisoft says “we want to give him more opportunities to use his ability, and increase his potential as a defender,” so we’ll see how it plays out on the test server – previous three armour ops have also had a rough time in the meta, and Warden might not be an exception.

This update also buffs Glaz’s rate of fire from 285 to 380, and reduces Twitch’s F2 magazine from 30 to 25. As always, there’s no guarantee that any of these changes will actually reach the live game, but they make for a good idea of what the developers have in mind. You can get a full list of changes, including bug fixes, on Reddit.

The potential Jackal rework is also currently still in testing, and a mid-season preview suggests even more op changes are on the way in the near future.

For now, you can check out all the best FPS games on PC to practice your aim while we wait and see how the new meta shakes out.